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Questions? We have answers!

What insurances do you accept?

We accept virtually all insurance carriers including Medicaid and Medicare. Our friendly and helpful customer care staff will be happy to verify your healthcare benefits. Patient benefits are verified prior to the start of treatment and individualized payment plans are available to those without coverage; we'll work with you to accommodate your individual needs.

How many visits will I need?

This is highly variable. You may need one visit or you may need months of care. It depends on your diagnosis, the severity of your impairments, your past medical history, etc. You will be re-evaluated on a monthly basis and when you see your doctor, we will provide you with a progress report with our recommendations.

Why Physical Therapy?
You and others may be referred to physical therapy because of a movement dysfunction associated with pain. Your difficulty with moving part(s) of your body (like bending at the low back or difficulty sleeping on your shoulder, etc.) very likely results in limitations with your daily activities (e.g., difficulty getting out of a chair, an inability to play sports, or trouble with walking, etc.). Physical therapists treat these movement dysfunctions and their associated pains and restore your body's ability to move in a normal manner.
What happens if my problem or pain returns?

Flare ups are not uncommon. If you have a flare up (exacerbation), give us a call. We may suggest you come back to see us, return to your doctor, or simply modify your daily activities or exercise routine.

How does the billing process work?

Billing for physical therapy services is similar to what happens at your doctor's office. When you are seen for treatment, the following occurs:

  1. The physical therapist bills your insurance company, Workers' Comp, or charges you based on Common Procedure Terminology (CPT) codes.
  2. Those codes are transferred to a billing form that is either mailed or electronically communicated to the payer.
  3. The payer processes this information and makes payments according to an agreed upon fee schedule.
  4. An Explanation of Benefits (EOB) is generated and sent to the patient and the physical therapy clinic with a check for payment and a balance due by the patient.
  5. The patient is expected to make the payment on the balance if any.

It is important to understand that there are many small steps (beyond the outline provided above) within the process. Exceptions are common to the above example as well. At any time along the way, information may be missing, miscommunicated, or misunderstood. This can delay the payment process. While it is common for the payment process to be completed in 60 days or less, it is not uncommon for the physical therapy clinic to receive payment as long as six months after the treatment date.

Is my therapist licensed?

Physical therapists (PTs) and physical therapist assistants (PTAs) are licensed by their respective states.

What is your privacy policy?

Our privacy policy can be read here:

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I have a doctor referral.

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I don't have a doctor referral.

You may NOT need the physician referral mandated by state law to begin the evaluation and treatment of your condition.

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History Of Steppin’ Up

Steppin' Up has been helping the Fort Wayne community get back to doing what they love since 2004. Our friendly and experienced staff will be with you through the entire process - from paperwork to treatment plans. Take your next step to long-term pain relief.

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What Our Patients Are Saying

  • I owe a debt of gratitude to Craig at Steppin Up Physical Therapy. His knowledge of my injury and the appropriate therapy techniques to utilize, as well as his ability to motivate me, have put me in a place in my recovery from an Achilles injury that I didn't think I would be at for another 6 months. Craig knows what he’s doing, and the fact that he loves his job really shows. The entire environment at Steppin'; Up made the physical therapy process very comfortable, and I would give them my highest recommendation.

    Jon D.

  • I have utilized Steppin Up for physical therapy 3 times now, the latest for a total knee replacement. Each time the staff has been knowledgeable, patient and caring. I highly recommend Stepping Up to anyone needing physical therapy and personalized care. Great results every time!

    Carol Smith

  • I just want to give a big thanks to everyone at Steppin' Up for helping me relieve my back and neck pain! This was the first time I have ever been to any physical therapy and I can definitely say you all made it enjoyable for me. You gave me exercises I can continue doing even after physical therapy and all of this has encouraged me to live a healthier life! Thank you so much & enjoy the cookies! I'll miss you guys!

    Lindsay Zimmerman

  • I had pain from trigger finger and carpal tunnel - everyone at Steppin' up worked together as a TEAM to get to the source of the problem, helped me learn exercises and stretches that I can do to keep everything working and feeling GREAT!!! Everyone is wonderful to work with, I'm very happy that I am getting the help and healing I need with such fantastic people.

    Laurie S.

  • We love Steppin' Up! We see Ashley and she is amazing with my daughter. Taking time to make goals we can work towards and adjusting our therapy plan that day to my daughter's mood that day. Always giving us homework to do at home to help us gain more towards our goals. I recommend Steppin' Up to anyone I know who needs a PT. The whole office is professional and amazing in caring for their patients.

    Brenda S.

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