Headaches, Neck Pain & TMJ

Headaches, Neck Pain and TMJ

Did you know that not all headaches are alike and are caused by different reasons?

Your recurring headaches may be from musculoskeletal reasons and can be helped with Physical Therapy! Many chronic and recurrent headaches are diagnosed as cervical headaches and are related to musculoskeletal impairments such as tension, cervical spine impairments, and temporomandibular dysfunction (TMJ/TMD)

What is a tension headache?

Typically tension headaches are from overly tight muscles. Some of the most common areas are found in the back of the neck, scalp, jaw, face, and upper back. This may be the result postural tendencies, work postures, stress, or job/activity choices.

"Why and how do I get overly tight muscles that are causing my headaches?"

Typically the answer is never just one thing. Fortunately when you meet with a physical therapist, they will be able to perform specific testing to help conclude what is causing your headaches. Common reasons are stress, poor or faulty posture, trauma, decreased range of motion, weakness causing imbalances, trigger points, spinal and nerve issues.

Did you know that TMJ dysfunction and pain can be caused by neck pain?

The Temporomandibular joint is closely related to the function of the neck and also posture. In 70% of patient cases, neck pain is associated with TMJ dysfunction. Often long lasting neck pain can create imbalances in neck and head movements, leading to abnormal stresses on the joints of the jaw. Long lasting neck pain can cause headaches and TMJ dysfunction, or even both!

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