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Correcting Poor Posture Habits

Poor posture may be related to future injury. When you slouch while walking, or sitting you can pull a muscle, and lessen the spine’s ability to absorb shock that can lead to neck strain.

While there’s little scientific evidence to support the concept, pain may stem from poor postural habits. Regular Pilates exercise helps increase your awareness of your body, a term described as enhanced proprioception. Regular awareness exercises, like those involved with Pilates, may help you better self-correct your posture.

h2>A Focus on Mind/Body Awareness

Improve your movement’s efficiency, as well as, your own awareness of your body, through Pilates. Pilates forces you to pay close attention to your own breathing, the way you position your muscles and limbs and encourages strong concentration on form.

All of this combined forces you to become more in tune with your body, which, transfers over to serve you in everyday life.

The Pilates Exercise and Treatment Method Offers Numerous Benefits

As you can see, a Pilates-based approach to rehabilitation and wellness is adaptable, progressive, and a comprehensive method for both patients with musculoskeletal pain and members in the community that desire to improve and maintain their wellbeing.

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