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"To all which includes Cameron, Emily. I can’t give enough praise of what they have helped me with. I appreciate the kindness they’ve shown my wife and myself. I will continue my exercises. Thank you all very much!"

James Wimes

When I first started coming to therapy, walking for me was very difficult and painful as a result of 3 separate issues. Walking barefoot was pretty much no longer an option. I could not do it. After 6 weeks of therapy, my pain levels went way down and did not last as long as they once did. I loved the staff and all of the therapists that worked with me. Pamela at the front desk was always pleasant as well. I feel so much better now, better than I have in over a year. I'm so grateful I came. I'd send anyone here."

Angela Stier

“My experience here at Steppin Up was good. The staff was really professional and helpful. They made my stay here great. They also gave me some helpful pointer.”

Antre Starks

"When I came to Stepping I could hardly walk from the surgery I had on my left knee. Now I feel good from the great job Vanessa, Cameron, Karly did to help get my leg back to normal."

Gary Stacy

"My experience at Steppin' Up has been amazing! Everyone is so friendly and genuinely cares about us all. They answer questions and listen attentively. They shared their moments with me and I did as well. I am grateful to have met such an AWESOME group of people."

Marquita Price

"I felt horrible in my process of injury when I first started off. But with the help of Vanessa at Steppin Up Physical Therapy, she helped me just feel good and get back to my life and kid. I had so many discomforts and now I can stretch, bend, walk, and move properly. I appreciate everything she has done to help with my road to my recovery."

Jackie Ramirez

"My experience at Steppin Up Physical Therapy has been the best. I started therapy in November and everything on my body seemed to be in pain from the vehicle accident I was in. But Nathan and Cameron work with me through the pains. Also they both were very encouraging and understanding to my pain. I had nothing but great laughs and fun with this experience although I was in pain; both of these gentlemen kept a smile on my face and they were the best to work with and I feel better than I ever thought. Thanks to them and thanks to Steppin Up Physical Therapy."

Ashley Washington

"Very nice place. They ppl here are amazing. Especailly Craig. Not only is he a good therapist, but he is a good and funny person. Thx you all."

Melinda Gilbert

“The therapy has improved the movement of my legs, however the exercises they had me do for my hips, thighs, abdomen, and lefts will take time and continued exercising on my own. My broken tail bone will always cause me pain and limit some things like standing, walking and sitting for any length of time. The therapists have given me some good exercise to strengthen my problem areas. Thank you for your encouragement and help.”

Connie Petty

"I had shoulder problems, pain all the time, unable to reach up, sideways and through-out the night unable to sleep. Coming to Steppin’ Up was the best choice ever. Jason helped me my first week which gave me tremendous results. From there on my therapist was Jared, also getting wonderful results. Special Thanks goes to Jared. With his knowledge and my hard work I’m back to normal. Everyone there is so nice I really enjoyed and appreciate all of their help. "

Terry Babbitt

"Craig is great! I was pleased with the help I received. Everyone there is so kind and compassionate. I will definitely use them again if needed and will recommend them highly! Great job!"

Suzie Bird

"Best physical therapy in Fort Wayne! Only place I felt really put effort and actually helped me."

Phoenix Nicholas

"I have been to several phsical therapy offices over the years for chronic arthritis conditions. By far, Steppin' Up Physical Therapy is the most professional, caring, knowledgeable, down-to-earth practice I have ever experienced. At other PT offices, my assigned therapist would be treating several patients..."

Deborah S.

"I am not much on exercising but in tis invironment, it was even fun. The gals were great. I will possibly even miss it. I know I am stronger. Thanks."

Nancy Fausnaugh

"I could not be more pleased with my experience at Steppin Up. The entire staff is wondeful. Began with rehab for knee replacement and ended with preparing for back surgery. I will be returning for PT after the back surgery. From Joanna at the front desk, to Craig and Nathan and Ashley and Jaso, they go above and beyond to find the right answers for you. I recommend them highly and tell everyone I know to give them a call."

Jenny Miller

"This therapy office has been nothing but a positive. helpful experiences for me. Everyone at the office is so kind and the therapists I have worked with, in particular, have been extremely encouraging and have helped me regain the strength I had lost. Jarod is my therapist. He is so upbeat he actually makes physical therapy fun! I have also worked with Nathanwho is also very positive and always encouraging. This office is one of the most upbeat and friendly offices I have ever encountered. You don't need to be afraid to begin. They'll allow you to work at your [ace and not cause more pain. Give this wonderful place a call if you need PT!"

Mary Soard

"I've had years of chronic back pain due to a degenerating disc and have tried just about everything, short of surgery, which is not a good option for me. I loved how the staff was willing to work with me based on my history and not make me go through a bunch of unnecessary hoops to get productive treatment. I like the combination of exercises and caring treatment (who knew scraping could be a cood ing). I like Craig got me to challenge my fears and push me to try different things, while expressing encouragement and confidence in me. I enjoyed meeting the staff and hey made it clear they were there help me and gear the plan toward what I needed."

Peter Kujak

"Many, many thanks to Craig, Nathan, and most of all Ashley for their patience and time. I thought that I would be crawling down stairs for the rest of m life after breaking my ankle. I am not to the point of running, yet, after graduating from therapy. No problem though, because I couldn't run before I was hurt either."

Brad Bakie

"I came in walking crooked and not able to go up and down stairs without taking it a step at a time. Now, I am back to most normal things and continue my therapy. most importantly, I can go up and down stairs again without pain. I saw several therapists and all were very professional and corteous! What I love the most about my appointments is that they offer new exercises and stretches each time I come in. It keeps it interesting and engaging! Craig, Ashley, and Nathan were all great!"

Kent Castleman

"I owe a debt of gratitude to Craig at Steppin' Up Physical Therapy. His knowledge of my injury and the appropriate therapy techniques to utilize, as well as his ability to motivate me, have put me in a place in my recovery from an Achilles injury that I didn't think I would be at for another 6 months. Craig knows what he’s doing, and the fact that he loves his job really shows. The entire environment at Steppin'; Up made the physical therapy process very comfortable, and I would give them my highest recommendation."

Jon D.

"I have gone to Steppin' Up before for my back. So when the doctor wanted to know where I wanted to go for therapy for my knee, I said Steppin' Up. It is a reax atmosphere and they joke around too. They know what needs to be done. Thanks especially to Craig and Ashley. My knee is out of pain and is stronger. Thanks for all the work you do, not just for me but for others too."

Lora Lee Strong

"The therapists at Steppin' Up have helped me regain strength in my knee, leg, hip and core after having a stem cell transplant in my knee. Ashley Smith and her student, Jenna, have spent hours patiently teaching me the correct way to do the exercises that will help me walk with confidence and without pain. Each exercise was printed out on paper to make it easy to remember to do at home. They are so encouraging, so patient and so willing to share their knowledge. Also, their facility and staff treat all of the patients with kindness and respect. It is obvious they want me to succeed. The next time I have a booster injection in this knee or any other time I need physical therapy, it is Steppin' Up that I will ask to be sent to. Thank you so very much for sharing your time and skills."

Jeanne L.

"In addition to the confidence I have that I am benefiting from high quality, up-to-date physical therapy techniques, what I appreciate most about the physical therapists and PTAs at Steppin' Up is the quality of their presence. Their attention is not divided between multiple patients. They are genuine, warm, kind and encouraging. Questions are routinely welcome. I like that they pay attention, ensuring I am doing my exercises with good form, because I know this helps me make faster progress and avoid unnecessary pain. And, I have to say: it really makes a difference to me that they enjoy what they are doing, and that staff morale and interactions are consistently good."

Katherine W.

"I had pain from trigger finger and carpal tunnel - everyone at Steppin' up worked together as a TEAM to get to the source of the problem, helped me learn exercises and stretches that I can do to keep everything working and feeling GREAT!!! Everyone is wonderful to work with, I'm very happy that I am getting the help and healing I need with such fantastic people."

Laurie S.

"We love Steppin' Up! We see Ashley and she is amazing with my daughter. Taking time to make goals we can work towards and adjusting our therapy plan that day to my daughter's mood that day. Always giving us homework to do at home to help us gain more towards our goals. I recommend Steppin' Up to anyone I know who needs a PT. The whole office is professional and amazing in caring for their patients."

Brenda S.

The entire staff at Steppin’ Up P.T. is welcoming, caring, and professional. They know their stuff and explain as they go the hows and whys of the therapy. They did a great job.

Martha Widmer

I can't say enough good things about the therapists and therapy here. Every therapist is excellent, they use a wide variety of hands on techniques that I have not experienced at previous Physical Therapy sessions at other places. Jerad helped me so much with my low back pain, the massage was so helpful. Jason was amazing as he saw through a badly broken shoulder and I am back to functioning. Everyone is so kind and caring from Joanna out front to the assistants. I'm thanking God for their caring expertise and getting me back to living my life!

June Hatfield

I have utilized Steppin Up for physical therapy 3 times now, the latest for a total knee replacement. Each time the staff has been knowledgeable, patient and caring. I highly recommend Stepping Up to anyone needing physical therapy and personalized care. Great results every time!

Carol Smith

I just want to give a big thanks to everyone at Steppin' Up for helping me relieve my back and neck pain! This was the first time I have ever been to any physical therapy and I can definitely say you all made it enjoyable for me. You gave me exercises I can continue doing even after physical therapy and all of this has encouraged me to live a healthier life! Thank you so much & enjoy the cookies! I'll miss you guys!

Lindsay Zimmerman